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XVIII Annual ISHRS Congress, Boston, USA, October 20-24th, 2010

Dr. Akaki Tsilosani, director of Talizi hair transplant center, Vazha Vadachkoria, head surgeon at the clinic, and surgeon’s assistant Salome Vadachkoria all took part in the 18th annual scientific congress of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). The event took place in Boston, USA, on October 20–24th, 2010.

ISHRS is the world’s leading organization of surgeons and transplantologists working with hair. The meeting in October was the biggest yet, with a record number of delegates traveling to Boston to take part in the congress. Following the addition of several new members at the event, the number of the surgeon-transplantologists in the organization exceeded a thousand for the first time in its near 20-years-old history.

Over the course of the four-day Congress, around 150 reports on pressing questions in the field were presented for review. The forum is undoubtedly one of the best ways for professionals working on hair transplant surgery to share their experience with their colleagues at clinics all over the world.

One of the most fascinating reports came from the bright young Brazilian Marcelo Pitchoni, whose study “The Personal Index of Growth” thoroughly impressed the Talizi delegation.

Dr. Tsilosani and Salome Vadachkoria presented two reports, on “Transplantation of hairs and survival rates in hems of various etiology” and “Duration and efficiency in surgery”.

Talizi’s presentations at the ISHRS always draw a lot of interest and this year’s event was no exception. Talizi has gained a global reputation for its experience conducting large-scale surgeries. The famous American surgeon-transplantologist, Robert Haber was once known to remark: “I believe that you can transplant 5,000 grafts in 6 hours, I only don't understand, how?!” In response, Dr. Tsilosani told him: “Come to Georgia, and you will see everything!”

Salome Vadachkoria, surgeon’s assistant at Talizi, presented a particularly interesting report regarding the duration and efficiency of surgeries. The audience listened attentively as she explained how large-scale surgeries can be carried out in comparatively short periods of time with effective management techniques. Talizi is able to transplant a massive 5,000 grafts in five hours, much faster then in other clinics. Vadachkoria also took part in an assistants’ workshops where they, together with representatives from famous clinics from every corner of the globe, demonstrated Talizi’s technique for the preparation of grafts to both new and experienced surgeons and assistants.

Besides being a venue for the sharing of scientific experience, with an agenda packed full of reports and presentations, the ISHRS congress is also a place for professionals in the field to get together, socialize and make new contacts. Every year brings new meetings and new acquaintances. Vasily Bujanov, a representative from a leading Russian transplant clinic met with Talizi’s Akaki Tsilosani for the first time in Boston. Though both clinics were founded at almost the same time, at the end the 1990s, Vasily Bujanov and Akaki Tsilosani had never met, though both had heard much about each other.

The Russian expert initiated the meeting after becoming interested in how to ensure high graft survival rates in high density transplants (at 50–70 grafts per cm²). Talizi is one of the world’s foremost clinics in this area, and has been able to perform numerous successful large-scale hair transplant surgeries, reaching high densities with high graft survival rates. The Russian clinic had been experiencing difficulties with this issue and came to Dr. Tsilosani for advice.

The conversation between the two surgeons also covered the development of the FUE method in Georgia and Russia. The colleagues expressed deep mutual respect for each other and regret towards the political tension between the two countries.

Akaki Tsilosani also noted the impact of Bujanov’s RTH clinic in popularizing hair transplant surgery across the former Soviet Union, thanking him for his contribution to the field.

There was also the pleasant opportunity to meet with old friends, such as Arthur Movsesjan, Besam Dzhibei, Vardis Kordeis, Sanjiv Vasa, Damkerng Patomvanich, Arthur Tikosinski, Dow Stow and others.

“10 years ago we studied hair transplantation under the guidelines of your book ‘Hair transplantation – Surgical and Medical”, A. Tsilosani remarked to Dow Stow. “But now you teach me”, the veteran surgeon replied.


Photo: Speech of Akaki Tsilosani
Speech of Akaki Tsilosani

Photo: Speech of Salome Vadachkoria
Speech of Salome Vadachkoria

Photo: Salome Vadachkoria at grafts preparation
Salome Vadachkoria at grafts preparation

Photo: Salome Vadachkoria and workshop manager Judy Inguito
Salome Vadachkoria and workshop manager Judy Inguito

Photo: Leading Surgeon of RTH (Russia) Vasili Buianov and Akaki Tsilosani
Leading Surgeon of RTH (Russia) Vasili Buianov and Akaki Tsilosani

Photo: Akaki Tsilosani, ISHRS president Edvin Epstein, Salome Vadachkoria
Akaki Tsilosani, ISHRS president Edvin Epstein, Salome Vadachkoria

Photo: Dow Stough and Akaki Tsilosani
Dow Stough and Akaki Tsilosani


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