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Groundbreaking hair transplant surgery performed in Talizi

A first of its kind operation was carried out at Talizi hair transplant center in October, 2010. It was unique in terms of the volume of hair transplanted, and because of the combination of methodologies used during the operation.

An unprecedented 4200 grafts were successfully transplanted, restoring the hair of a 39-year old patient from France. The grafts were extracted from the occipital zone and from various parts of the body by the seamless FUE technique.

The patient suffered from androgenic alopecia, level VII by the Norwood scale, meaning the donor stock on the nape, and donor regions of the head were insufficient to provide the required amount of hair for full surgery. The patient, keen to avoid scarring, categorically insisted on a seamless technique for follicular extraction.

The seamless FUE technique is becoming increasingly popular in global transplantology circles due to the minimal trauma and scarring it causes. It leaves no marking after the extraction of the grafts for transplant, and eliminates the need for cutting strips from the donor zone – thus, following a transplant, there remains not even the most imperceptible, cosmetic scar. And it appears to be a key determining factor in patients’ choice of technique for their hair transplant. Compared to the alternative Strip Method, the technique also has the advantage of enabling the precise choice of grafts for transplantation, resulting in greater hair quality.

Until recently, the only thing preventing the FUE Method from becoming the norm in surgeries was the limited number of grafts it produced, and the amount of time taken to perform the procedure. However, due to the groundbreaking research performed by Talizi, both these issues have been resolved. Drawing on both its own and international experience, Talizi has been able to transplant no less than 2,000 grafts using the FUE Method in one session of approximately eight hours. With strong donor stock it is now possible to extract 5,000 grafts over the course of two to three days.

The patient in the recent surgery had limited donor stock, and it was therefore suggested that 2,000 grafts be drafted from his body, namely from the beard, chest and pubis.

The patient chose Talizi after extensive research and in-depth negotiations with many famous clinics in Europe. Talizi was pleased to be able to offer him the latest in hair transplant practice and the maximum possible number of grafts.

The decision to transplant half the stock from the head and half from the body was arrived at after an initial video consultation over the internet.

The surgery took place over the course of two days, in two sessions lasting around 8 hours each. In terms of donor material the surgeons at Talizi were able to extract 2,016 grafts from the head, 1,082 from the chest, 635 from the pubis, and 470 grafts from the beard.

Following the extraction, the standard recipient areas were filled with grafts extracted from the head and beard as these bear the closest resemblance to the those on the scalp. The hairs from the body (which don't grow beyond a certain length) were used to boost the density of the transplanted hair.

The patient also requested that Talizi correct his eyebrows; a procedure which has always been conducted with grafts taken from the body.

At the end of each day of surgery, the patient naturally felt tired and uncomfortable from sitting in a seat the whole day; however, during the procedure he felt no pain, and experienced no post-operation pains or hypostases. Talizi’s proven anesthesia techniques ensured that the patient had the most comfortable surgery possible.

Transplant by the seamless FUE Method is no longer an innovation, with Talizi performing hundreds of similar operations over the years. Nor is hair transplant from the body, which is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and the USA as more and more surgeons begin to master the technique.

What makes this procedure unique and groundbreaking is the sheer number of hairs extracted from both the occipital donor zone and from the body and face. The extraction of this number of grafts with dramatic and rapid correction of androgenic alopecia and eyebrows is a first for modern hair transplantology, and an achievement of which Talizi is deservedly proud!


Photo: Before surgery – recipient sites and quantity are marked
Before surgery – recipient sites and quantity are marked

Photo: 2 surgeons and 3 assistants worked on grafts extraction
2 surgeons and 3 assistants worked on grafts extraction

Photo: Beard zone after follicular units extraction
Beard zone after follicular units extraction

Photo: Back of the head after follicular units extraction
Back of the head after follicular units extraction

Photo: Chest after follicular units extraction
Chest after follicular units extraction

Photo: The head of the patient after hair transplant surgery
The head of the patient after hair transplant surgery


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