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Talizi at the ISHRS Regional Congress in Istanbul, Turkey, May 13–15, 2011

Between May 13 and 15, 2011, Istanbul hosted the regional congress of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), led by the famous transplantologist, Melike Kulahci. The congress examined the latest research in the field, including, the current and future potential for the creation of artificial follicles, and the use of extracellular matrices and a-cells. However, the main theme of the Congress was the seamless method of hair transplantation – the FUE method, a subject of great interest for Talizi.

Talizi has been using the seamless FUE method for the transplantation of hair since 2003, and today, more than 30 % of our patients have hair transplanted this way. In contrast, at the Congress, Melike Kulahci stated that in her Transmed clinic, more than 70 % of all transplants are performed using the FUE method. Professor Akaki Tsilosani, Director of Talizi hair transplant center, was particularly interested in how his colleagues from Istanbul used this method.

Transmed is recognized as the foremost clinic in Turkey, and it must be noted that the procedures demonstrated at the Congress were conducted in the highest possible standard. MD Ilker Apaydin performed the extraction of 2,600 grafts within 3 hours, with minimal transsection, a speed only a few professionals in the world can boast of it. Talizi’s staff in attendance at the Congress were pleased to note many similarities in the methodologies and toolkits used by Transmed and Talizi, particularly with regard to their high-speed graft extraction (using low diameter sharp trocars of 0.8–0.9 mm), and the technique they use to process extracted grafts under the microscope.

Unfortunately, in recent years, Turkey has seen a slew of hair transplant clinics open their doors, including many clinics utilizing the FUE method. Many of these clinics are operated by dubious organizations having neither a state, nor an international license for their practice. Worse still, in charge of many of these organizations one can find people without any form of higher medical education, who are nurses at best. The prices in such clinics are often very attractive, however; the surgeons usually avoid bearing any responsibility for their results: in a year or two following the procedure, when the poor quality of the work begins to show, these clinics close and open up again somewhere on the next block, under other names.
This phenomenon has became a massive problem not only for our Turkish colleagues, but also for the field of transplantology as a whole.

We inform potential patients that Talizi is a professional, reliable clinic because we are able to give assurances on the outcome of our procedures and stand by the practice of being responsible for our work. We need the customer to receive the best possible result: after all, each success in hair transplantology is a success for everyone, and each failure is a failure for all as well. The more good results that are achieved – it doesn’t matter in which clinic or in which country – the more potential patients who will have a hair transplant helped hair transplant surgery find its place on the list of the most common cosmetic procedures.

The Director of Talizi, Akaki Tsilosani, and the head of Transmed, Melike Kulahci, are not only colleagues but are also good friends since they first met in 2008 at the ISHRS conference in Seoul. Talizi recognized the work and effort that has gone into organizing this year’s Congress, and we give our sincere congratulations to Melike Kulahci and her team!

We would also like to once again congratulate our colleagues from Transmed on their professional successes, and to express our gratitude for their hospitality.


Photo: Akaki Tsilosani and Melike Kulahci
Akaki Tsilosani and Melike Kulahci

Photo: Akaki Tsilosani and Piero Tesauro
Akaki Tsilosani and Piero Tesauro

Photo: Akaki Tsilosani and Robert Haber
Akaki Tsilosani and Robert Haber

Photo: Ilker Apaydin and Akaki Tsilosani
Ilker Apaydin and Akaki Tsilosani

Photo: Melike Kulahci (conrgess host)
Melike Kulahci (conrgess host)


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