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Talizi clinic on the 20th Congress of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)

On October 17–20, 2012 the regular Congress of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) met in the Bahamas in the Atlantis Hotel. On the Congress, Georgia was represented by the Talizi delegation on behalf of its director, Akaki Tsilosani, leading surgeon Vazha Vadachkoria and the manager of the training programs, Salome Vadachkoria. Over 650 delegates were at the Congress from many countries worldwide. 170 presentations on the basic issues and hair transplant problems were submitted during the four day convention.

Salome Vadachkoria presented 2 themes from the program of surgeon assistants training. The first presentation described the recent record of the Talizi clinic under the direction of Akaki Tsilosani, which showed the transplantation of 9,688 follicular units performed throughout the 11 hour surgical session by the FUT method. A special focus was on two basic problems, which are necessary to be solved in order to conduct, doing surgeries of the Giga scale: proper training of assistants and effective management.

The second HD video presentation was devoted to the role of assistants in follicular units’ extraction – FUE and to the exclusive methods applicable in Talizi.

Three years have passed since Salome Vadachkoria demonstrated the original methods of grafts processing developed in our clinic both to beginning assistants, and skilled experts from several different countries around the world during specially organized presentations within the framework of training department of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). This year wasn’t an exception. Salome Vadachkoria is the founder of the training programs and the head of the department of the training programs. Trainees from different corners of the world come to the Talizi clinic to pass this course so the wide experience of Salome Vadachkoria caused interest in the experts who were present at the Congress of ISHRS.

Annual ISHRS Congresses are always interesting in terms of possibility receiving new experiences and the exchange of information. Questions on the automation of a FUE method, beneficial and negative impacts of robotization of the processes of hair restoration surgery became some of the main subjects this year. Well known American hair transplant surgeon Robert Bernstein shared some of his experiences he got during his yearlong usage of robots in his clinic in a private conversation with Akaki Tsilosani . He noted that robotization of the process allows him to get 300–400 grafts per hour, while in the Talizi clinic in cases with patients who are good candidates for FUE procedures, surgeons manage to extract up to 1,500 grafts per hour. Thus, we have good reason to behave very critically towards the perspective of the replacement of human hands with robots!

Also, it would be desirable to note that relationships which have developed over the years between doctors of Talizi and such leading figures of hair transplant as Bobby Limmer, Marcelo Pitchon, Jim Harris, Robert Bernstein and others are of great worth for us. Also, it is not less pleasant to meet with our trainees who were trained in Talizi clinic. This year our three students were present at the Bahamas meeting: Dr. Hassan Nurein (Great Britain), Dr. Arthur Sandalevski (Poland) and Dr. Mohammad alMusavi (Sweden). All of them already have a successfully practice, and we have all the grounds to believe that all of them will become worthy representatives of world hair transplantology.

Also, we want to congratulate our friends, the winners of the Gold follicle Award 2012 – doctors Besam and Nilofer Farjos from Great Britain and the winner of Distinguished Surgical Assistant Award Tina Landers. Both experts have worked in the field of hair transplantology for 15 years, and made their great contribution to this area of surgery, having deservedly received the ranks of winners!


Dr. Akaki Tsilosani, Dr. Vazha Vadachkoria and Salome Vadachkoria on the 20th Congress of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)

Salome Vadachkoria qualifies in grafts processing on ISHRS workshop

Salome Vadachkoria qualifies in grafts processing on ISHRS workshop

Dr. James Vogel and Akaki Tsilosani

Discussion between Bobby Limmer, Marcelo Pitchon and Akaki Tsilosani

Dr. Bobby Limmer, Marcelo Pitchon and Akaki Tsilosani

Presentation of assistants program by Salome Vadachkoria

Dr. Vazha Vadachkoria and Dr. Jim Harris on 20 years celebration of ISHRS, Gala Dinner

Dr. Akaki Tsilosani with his students Dr. Hassan Nurein and Dr. Artur Sandalevski


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