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Progress of the record breaking hair transplant surgery – 6 months have passed

On April, 2012 in Talizi Clinic a hair transplant of unique scale took place. A total of 9,688 follicular units were been transplanted to the patient within 11 hours, and this is an absolute world record.

Any record is a result of tremendous preparation, big work, experience, and, of course, it partly depends on a lucky circumstance! In this case no mean abilities of medical staff of Talizi coincided with remarkable resource of a donor zone of the patient. Having lost several dozen kilograms of excess weight, the 42-year-old patient acquired a skin fold on back of his head which allowed surgeons to cut out a huge rag of skin without the creation of an excessive tension in a donor area, and to transplant approximately 10,000 grafts!

Nevertheless, no record can be a goal in itself, especially, in medicine. The key indicator is the results. Both patients and clinic are focused on it.

Since a surgery of a big scale is more traumatic, we assumed that the result can be prolonged. The patient also was ready for long wait. The reality, nevertheless, has exceeded our expectations! Only half a year has passed, but we are already ready to show you the intermediate results of this unique hair transplant surgery!

Photos were taken before surgery and immediately after the completion of the hair transplant. Use of an advanced technique for apertures creation in a recipient zone allowed them to carry out a transplant of such density. And the unique technique of anesthetization gave a chance for the patient to avoid any sense of pain not only during the surgery, but also during the postsurgical period.

Usually, during the first 2-4 weeks a patient loses about 80 % hairs from transplanted grafts, but in the case of our champion, obviously, this rate was much lower. The seam is visible; a formation of a postsurgical hem only begins to show.

One week after hair transplant

One month after hair transplant

Seam in a month after hair transplant

2-3-4 months after hair transplant surgery. The seam can be distinguished under short haircut, but the hem will smooth out gradually, the hairs will sprout out, and finally the hem will become more imperceptible.

2 months after hair transplant

This is how the donor zone looks after 2 months

Usually, during the period between the II-IV months the germination of new hairs begins out of transplanted grafts. Emergence of small papules in the area of hair germination is possible. Patient had a haircut.

Three months after hair transplant

This is how the donor zone looks like after 3 months

Four months after hair transplant

Five months after hair transplant

After 6 months there is usually a stage of intermediate results where we can see about 50-60 % of the final results. Since all processes in our patient proceeded quicker, we already see more complete results, nevertheless, it is too early to talk about the final results, but it is difficult to disagree that we see an absolutely different person with hair.

6 months after hair transplant

We contacted the patient and asked him to praise the results in a few words. Here is what he told us:

"The result is just excellent! My appearance has absolutely changed! Already, it is difficult for me to imagine my head without hair! Many friends, who haven’t had the possibility to see me often, simply don’t recognize me at meetings. Though you call these results intermediate, I believe it is already remarkable. I have seen the photos of patients, and doctors told me that the results would be good, but, frankly speaking, I wasn’t expecting such a result! Now I look as good as I looked 20 years ago. I understand how natural I look now and how unnatural I looked when I was bald. My wish to your readers is - don’t give up, always aim to achieve the maximum, and Talizi will provide the possibility for it!"

Before and 6 months after hair transplant




Excellent hair transplant


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this looks fantastic though the thought of traveling back and forward for consultations worries me? any simple solutions?

Administrator: If you are interested in our consultation, please, fill in the hair loss questionnaire on our site and attach some informative photos. We will answer you immediately and give full information about HT in your case and about the medical tour to our clinic.


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