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The XXI ISHRS Congress in San Francisco

On October 23-26, 2013, the XXI Regular Scientific Congress of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery took place in San Francisco. This year there was a record number of delegates: 681 participants!

Medical and technological aspects of modern hair transplantology, as well as topical and problematic issues were considered on the congress. Speaking frankly, today’s equipment of hair transplant by FUT and FUE methods reached the level of perfection, and despite of a set of interesting reports, any considerable innovation didn't sound on the congress. Unlike previous years, the important place on the congress was taken by non-surgical methods of hair reconstruction - PRP (plasmolifting), ACell, LLLT (low level laser therapy) and their application in parallel with hair transplant surgeries to increase graft survival rate and accelerate the healing processes. Discussion concerning side effects of finasterid was very interesting, and sharing experience in this area once again proved that finasterid side effects are temporary and rare.

Akaki Tsilosani, head of Talizi hair transplant clinic, also took part in the congress. As the expert in the field of Body Hair Transplant, he was invited to give a lecture on BHT and FUE methods. The famous hair transplantologist from Israel, Alex Gingsburg, directed the workshop. The lecture of Akaki Tsilosani was dedicated to the review of extraction of donor material by the FUE and FUT methods from various areas of the body. Among participants of the workshop were leading experts, such as John Cole, James Harris, Robert Tru, Ron Shapiro, Damkerg Patomvanich, and others. The high quality of the video presentations by Akaki Tsilosani elicited great interest.

We were pleased to meet Russian hair transplantologists, Sergey Fedorov and Alexander Volkov, on the congress.

The most pleasant meetings at annual conferences are meetings with those hair transplantologists who had training in our clinic. Hassan Nurein, who successfully practices in Great Britain, and Amir Yazdin, a surgeon from California, attended the congress this year.

The new president of the ISHSR, an outstanding Italian transplantologist Vincenzo Gambino, was elected on the congress this year. After Bessam Farjo's election, Gambino became the second representative of the European school of hair transplantology to be elected as the head of ISHSR.

The next ISHSR congress is planned to be held in Bangkok, and Damkerng Patomvanich, a famous hair transplantologist from Thailand, will be a scientific supervisor.


Akaki Tsilosani during performance

Pioneer of plasmolifting application in hair transplantology Joseph Greco and Akaki Tsilosani

Sergey Fedorov, Alexander Volkov, Elena Uryupina, Akaki Tsilosani

Akaki Tsilosani and his students Hassan Nurein and Amir Yazdin


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