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6th Brazilian Congress of Hair Restoration

From 24 to 27th of August, 2016, the 6th Brazilian Congress of Hair Restoration Surgery was held in Curitiba, Brazil. The director Talizi Hair Transplant Center Akaki Tsilosani, MD, PHD, participated as an honorary invited foreign speaker. The purpose of this decision, which was made by the leaders of Brazilian Hair Transplant Society was due to the fact that Dr. Akaki Tsilosani was the first in Europe who started using Brazilian method of Long Hair Transplant (first Long Hair Transplant surgeries were done by him in Ukraine and Georgia in 2010). It’s a honor for us that in Brazil, in motherland of Long Hair Transplant, Georgian Doctor and Scientist made presentation about Long Hair Transplantation. His presentation received much interest, because of many peculiarities Dr. Tsilosani uses while performing Long Hair Transplant surgery.

Other presentations by Dr. Akaki Tsilosani at the congress were about Giga sessions and the combinations of FUE and FUT methods, in which he is an acknowledged expert along with Canadian Dr. Jerry Wong, American Dr. Robert True and Brazilian Dr. Marcio Crisostomo. They all are the pioneers in those, above mentioned methods.

Dr. Tsilosani has visited Dr. Tony Ruston’s clinic in Sao Paolo, which without any doubt is one of the best clinic’s of hair transplant in the world. Dr. Tsilosani and Dr. Wong together attended the surgeries performed by Dr. Ruston (2000 grafts transplant by the FUE method in combination with SMP). Despite Dr. Akaki’s and Dr. Tony’s common visions and techniques (use of small size sharp punches and rotating FUE machines) Tony Ruston presented the private technique of using implanters. First time we tried implanters was in 2007 in Korea. Since then implanters have modified in many ways, and now more doctors use it (enough to mention Dr. Joze Lorenzo, famous Spanish surgeon, who uses only manual FUE method and implanters). Dr. Ruston’s first examination whether implanters work better then forceps is very interesting, but yet it’s not confirmed as still needs wide scientific researches and observations.

We would like to express greatest thanks to our Brazilian colleagues, especially to Dr. Tony Ruston, Dr. Joze Muricy and Dr. Henrique Radwanski for warm welcome and kindest hospitality. We wish success to the Brazilian school of Hair Restoration Surgery.


Akaki Tsilosani and Henrique Radwanski

Akaki Tsilosani and John Guzman

Jerry Wong, Tony Ruston and Akaki Tsilosani at Ruston’s Clinic


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