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Face-to-Face Consultation in Talizi

During your visit in Talizi, we examine conditions of your hair to see the whole picture of your baldness state and to determine the possibilities of your donor zone.

One of the most important steps of hair restoration is determination of the exact quantity of grafts which could be obtained for further hair transplantation.

Another important step is determination of average quantity of hairs growing from each graft. These numbers are unique to each person. Thus, we can calculate the quantity of hairs growing out of transplanted grafts and, accordingly, predict the final result of hair transplant. In another words, we can calculate the quantity of grafts which must be transplanted to reach a good cosmetic result in accordance with your baldness level.

We use specialized equipment and software, which allow us to make precisely all of the required calculations:

The program precisely shows the condition of your donor zone – quantity of grafts and hairs per cm²; percentage of weak, miniaturized grafts; and anagen/telogen ratio:


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