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Feedbacks of our patients

Hair Transplant To Alexander From Moscow. Video And The Results

Alexander, a rising star of the Russian pop scene, has arrived to Talizi Hair Transplant Center. It's the second experience of hair transplant for Alexander (first surgery was conducted in Russia). That's why this time he knew exactly what he needed and which choice to make. Alexander decided to come to the Talizi Hair Transplant Center during the Christmas holidays.


Vitaliy’s Feedback On Hair Transplant In Talizi – 3000 Grafts

“One and a half years ago, I received a hair transplant to the frontal and parietal zones at the Talizi clinic. The problem of baldness disturbed me long ago, but I couldn’t decide on hair transplant surgery. Over the years, as the bald zone became very big, I started looking for a clinic that could meet all of my needs. As a first step, I looked through a vast number of sites and a large amount of information on the procedure, and after searching for a long time, I decided to receive my hair transplant at the Talizi clinic.” Read Vitaliy’s feedback on his hair transplant at the Talizi.


Dmitry's Feedback On FUE Hair Transplant In Talizi - 2090 Grafts

“Hello, reader! I am 27. I decided to receive a hair transplant six months ago, because I was not satisfied with my front hair line and corner baldness. On the Internet, I found three clinics: Talizi Clinic, one Moscow clinic, and one in St. Petersburg. I read reviews and contacted Zaza, the manager of the clinic. We had a long conversation over the course of several months regarding my potential hair transplant, and it was difficult for me to make a decision.” Read Dmitry's feedback on his hair transplant in Talizi.


Kamo’s Experience Of 2000 Graft Transplant In Talizi

“I found this clinic – as many others do – through the search services on the Internet. Now, I can’t remember exactly what I was searching for, but I do remember that the search engine gave me the information about Talizi among the first options on results page. There were other suggestions also, among which were Russian clinics (I live in Sochi), but since I am originally from Georgia, I decided to check out the web site of my countrymen. Only after that did I have a look at the suggestions and services of other clinics.” Read Kamo’s feedback on his hair transplant in Talizi.


Nataly's Feedback on Hair Transplant in Talizi – 3000 Grafts

“I try not to look into the mirror. All magazines and telecasts eagerly din into your head that hair loss is an absolutely normal phenomenon which testifies that you are healthy; it makes you more courageous, more attractive, etc. Articles and telecasts are plentifully flavored with photos of Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Zidane, Gosha Kutsenko and others. Everything is wonderful … if you are a man. The female problem of hair loss isn’t seen as a problem...” Read Nataly’s feedback on her hair transplant in Talizi.


Vanek’s Feedback On Hair Transplant In Talizi – 3500 Grafts

“Hi, everybody! Here I am with my story of my hair transplant trip to Tbilisi. As none will surpass Maxim in this plan, I think that a photo report will be more interesting than repeated details of everything. I can confirm that everything passed perfectly, so all who have worries concerning the trip to Georgia, I recommend relaxing and thinking more positively.” Read Vanek’s feedback on his hair transplant at the Talizi.


The Story Of Hair Transplant Success Of Maksim

"I want to retell only about things which I have passed through by myself.  So, let’s start. As many others do, all interesting information on hair transplantation I have gathered from the Internet. From the beginning it was difficult to understand a huge flow of information, but over the time I’ve learnt how to separate a seed from a ryegrass, thus, finally there was a choice..." Read The story of hair transplant success of Maksim.


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