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Feedback of patients for 2008

Vanek’s Feedback On Hair Transplant In Talizi – 3500 Grafts

“Hi, everybody! Here I am with my story of my hair transplant trip to Tbilisi. As none will surpass Maxim in this plan, I think that a photo report will be more interesting than repeated details of everything. I can confirm that everything passed perfectly, so all who have worries concerning the trip to Georgia, I recommend relaxing and thinking more positively.” Read Vanek’s feedback on his hair transplant at the Talizi.


The Story Of Hair Transplant Success Of Maksim

"I want to retell only about things which I have passed through by myself.  So, let’s start. As many others do, all interesting information on hair transplantation I have gathered from the Internet. From the beginning it was difficult to understand a huge flow of information, but over the time I’ve learnt how to separate a seed from a ryegrass, thus, finally there was a choice..." Read The story of hair transplant success of Maksim.


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