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Vanek’s Feedback On Hair Transplant In Talizi – 3500 Grafts

Hi, everybody! Here I am with my story of my hair transplant trip to Tbilisi. As none will surpass Maxim in this plan, I think that a photo report will be more interesting than repeated details of everything. I can confirm that everything passed perfectly, so all who have worries concerning the trip to Georgia, I recommend relaxing and thinking more positively.

After I arrived, a Talizi representative took me to the hotel, where I had a good rest, because I really needed it. Taking into account that the first night after the surgery, you will not have a chance of good quality sleep, you should sleep while you can.

The surgery could not have been done at a better time! I had my surgery done in the late afternoon, and everything passed fine and quickly. Nearly 3500 grafts were transplanted, as I had the fourth degree of baldness, heading toward the fifth.

Photo Before the Surgery:

And Right After:

Tbilisi pleased, as well as the airport. As I arrived at night, I had a pleasure to see the night city, in the afternoon it looks absolutely another way. I have to admit, I didn't expect to see such beauty, it is pity I didn't take a photographs so admire these...

Three days gone quickly enough, the program was interesting and saturated, so there wasn’t time to get bored. Then, this green Siberian handsome airplane arrived, and in 2,5 hours I was in Domodedovo. Finally I made some shots of Georgian land.

Photo after two weeks, all crusts are washed down, hairs started to fall out slowly.

The scar is still visible; if not, I wouldn’t wear a cap at all, and the thread has begun to fall off in some places.

I will make a new photo every month, but I’m still thinking about how often I should place a photo here. I hope my results, which will not appear very soon, will help those who are in doubt to decide whether such a surgery is necessary to them and whether it is worth doing it in Talizi.

In general, I haven't had any hypostases lasting many days, as clients of some Russian clinics complain, and this is a really great achievement of Talizi specialists!

Four months have passed:

I shave my head by force of habit; I’ve shaved it for so many years! However, I am slowly getting disaccustomed to this action. I hope, by summer hairs will grow into something good looking. Still, however, they do not grow evenly, so I have to make them even. The truth is that I have a wish to transplant more grafts, in order to make my front hairline lower, but I can’t afford it yet. After New Year's, I will upload more photos.

Six months passed:

Many guests visited me on New Year's Eve, and none asked about my scar, though a couple of months ago, it was quite visible. So there has been much progress. Let’s wait and see what will happen next.

Hello, again, everyone! Thirteen months have passed since the surgery, and I have uploaded another photo. Now, I think it’s time to judge the final result. In my opinion, a second transplantation won't be necessary. However, the doctor has warned me about the potential necessity of a second surgery, so who knows? Maybe in the future, I will get it!

Hi, all! I have read the posts of some dissatisfied “specialists” on one Russian forum. I don't have time to argue, but here is my result, such as it is, and you can make your own decisions about it. As I said above, everyone can draw a conclusion for himself about the surgery in Talizi, whether it is right for him. 1.5 years has passed since my hair transplant surgery, and no one had mentioned to me that my hair is thinning, though before the transplant, every month there was some “clever” person who reminded me about my problem (as if I didn’t know it). The lack of insults is already a great result for me!


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