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Kamo’s Experience Of 2000 Graft Transplant In Talizi

I found this clinic – as many others do – through the search services on the Internet. Now, I can’t remember exactly what I was searching for, but I do remember that the search engine gave me the information about Talizi among the first options on results page. There were other suggestions also, among which were Russian clinics (I live in Sochi), but since I am originally from Georgia, I decided to check out the web site of my countrymen. Only after that did I have a look at the suggestions and services of other clinics.

After all of my research, I decided on the Talizi, as conditions there seemed to be more acceptable. I called the number specified on the web site and talked to the consultant for about 30 minutes. The consultant answered all of my questions and explained all of the stages and procedures patiently and in great detail. In most medical institutions, I have always felt a lack of an individual approach in regards to the attention given to each patient.

In general, everything was done perfectly. Everyone was kind, sympathetic, respectful, and attentive! These people know and love their business and their clients. Everything was just as promised and expected, and I have no negative remarks or complaints. For active persons, the procedure of hair transplant is far from pleasant, because you have to sit in one place for a few hours, and what about pain? There was no pain at all! They transplanted 2000 grafts by the FUE method, and I felt no discomfort.

The postoperative period wasn’t painful, but as well as after any surgery, the tissue has to be given time to heal. At first, doubts arose about the procedure's effectiveness, but after half a year, my reflection matched the picture I was promised. An especially pleasant surprise for me was that the Talizi consultant kept in touch consistently after the surgery and even to this day. I would like to give a shout out to the clinic's staff and express my thanks once again. What can I say to potential future patients? I recommend that you be patient! The result needs time.




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