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Dmitry's Feedback On FUE Hair Transplant In Talizi - 2090 Grafts

Hello, reader! I am 27. I decided to receive a hair transplant six months ago, because I was not satisfied with my front hair line and corner baldness. On the Internet, I found three clinics: Talizi Clinic, one Moscow clinic, and one in St. Petersburg. I read reviews and contacted Zaza, the manager of the clinic. We had a long conversation over the course of several months regarding my potential hair transplant, and it was difficult for me to make a decision. Initially, I decided for myself that I would undergo a transplant of 2000 grafts by the FUE method to the forward hair line. What I really liked about Talizi from the very beginning was that all of their doctors had very good reviews on their ability to conduct large-scale transplants in one day; this was not available in other clinics that I researched.

Due to all of the positive reviews, as well as my own positive experience in communicating with Zaza, two months later, I decided to go to Talizi, so I set up the date of my arrival with Zaza. I arrived on that date, and though my plane was late by an hour, Talizi representatives were waiting for me at the airport. They took me to the hotel (more accurately, it was a chic house in my favorite style), which is situated about five minutes from Talizi Hair Transplant Clinic. This exquisite hotel was included in the cost of the surgery. Later, Zaza (the manager) came into the clinic, and we got acquainted, went to the restaurant and ate delicious dishes. I have never eaten such a tasty Khinkali! Even more exciting, the price of food is very low in Georgia! After our meal, we took a walk around the city; in the old center, it is very beautiful! By the way, in the hotel, I met two guys from Dagestan who also received a hair transplant in Talizi.

On the day of the hair transplant, Talizi representatives came and took me to the clinic, took a picture of my head and shaved it, and then the doctor drew a contour of the hairline just as I wanted it.

I laid down on the table, and they started to inject an anesthetic solution. The first several pricks were quite painful, but as the anesthetic action began, the remaining pricks passed smoothly. When hair transplant began, I felt no pain at all.

The entire procedure lasted about four hours, and as a result, 2090 grafts were transplanted. I took a rest, and they carried me back to the hotel where my supper was already waiting for me. Hypostasis was decent during the first hours after the surgery. In the late evening, hypostasis descended, and in the morning, there was practically no hypostasis at all.  It pleased me very much, because in other clinics (according to reviews), swelling lasts three to four days. On the second day, the doctors examined my condition and removed the bandage. I put on a cap, and we went out to buy some souvenirs. Eventually, the Talizi staff took me back to the airport to meet my Moscow flight.

A month later, the main reddening of the hair transplant zone had faded. Almost all of the transplanted hair had dropped out, just as the doctor had informed me it would. In two to three months, however, the hair slowly began to grow again.

Now, half a year later, I am extremely happy that I received this transplant in Talizi, because everything went fantastically! My face is now perfectly framed, and my hair grows very well – even better than before I began having hair loss problems! I would like to tell those who are in the process of decision-making to go to Talizi, and don’t be afraid.  Talizi has the following:
1 – Excellent Doctors
2 – Adequate prices
3 – One-day procedure
4 – Tasty food
5 – Beautiful city

You can always get my phone number from Zaza, if you would like to do so, and I can share my experience with you! All the best, and THANKS TALIZI!!


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