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Hair Loss, Baldness Treatment

Lost or losing your hair?

Hair Loss (Androgenic Alopecia) is a widespread issue and one third of the Earth’s menfolk between the ages of 20–60 suffer from it to a varying extent.

Hairs grow out from the roots located under the skin. In case of Androgenic Hair Loss a part of hair roots on your head is affected by destructive influence of your hormones. Because of this influence, the roots of your hair start dissolve and finally disappear. Thus, you lose the roots that produce your hair, and so you become bald.

No medicines can return you the lost roots of your hair. Usage of some preparations at the best can slow down the process and temporarily delay your baldness.

Patient 23 – 22 years old, VI stage of baldness

Photo: Before and after transplant of 3,000 grafts using the Strip method
Before and after transplant of 3,000 grafts using the Strip method

What you can do?

Regardless of your age and level of hair loss, hair on the back of your head continue to grow and they don’t fall out. The roots of these hairs are unexposed to the destructive effect of hormones.

Thus, it is possible to take healthy roots from the back of your head and to transplant them to the bald areas of your head. Transplanted hair will grow all your life the same way as they grew on the back of your head. This technology is called a Hair Transplant or Transplantation of Hair.

Patient 37 – 30 years old, IVa stage of baldness

Photo: Before and after transplant of 2,700 grafts using the FUE method
Before and after transplant of 2,700 grafts using the FUE method

Hair transplant

For the last 20 years doctors have developed hair transplant so much that today a hair transplant surgery is a procedure similar to a visit to stomatologist.

The Graft is a group of hair roots that produces from 1 up to 4 hairs.

Nowadays there are two techniques of harvesting hair roots from the back of the head for their subsequent placement on bald sites of the head: the Strip method and the FUE method.

Hair transplant using the Strip method

Using the Strip method we obtain hair grafts from the back of the head in a form of strips of skin covered with hair.

A piece of a hairy skin is cut out from the nape of a patient; the place of cut is closed by a special seam composed from a self-resolving material, and in 4–8 weeks when the seam dissolves, there is a scar in the form of a thin line, which is not visible at a length of hair more than 1–2 cm.

Using this method we can extract and transplant up to 6,000 grafts for one surgery lasting 5–8 hours.

Hair transplant using the FUE method

With this method grafts are taken individually from the back of the head. In one week there are no scars in donor area.

Using the FUE method it is possible to transplant up to 4000 grafts in one 6–8 hour session. Using the FUE method we can extract hairs from your body – from your chest, feet, back, beard and even a pubis.

Patient 13 – 22 years old, IV stage of baldness

Photo: Before and after transplant of 2,500 grafts using the Strip method
Before and after transplant of 2,500 grafts using the Strip method

Talizi Hair Transplant Center

Talizi Hair Transplant Center was founded in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 1998. From the beginning our goal was to make Hair Transplant Surgery as simple as possible both for the patient, and for our surgical team.

Why Talizi?

  1. Reliability and Safety. We have performed thousands of successful surgeries. Owing to our huge experience (more than 15 years), surgeries in our clinic are carried out quickly, with the highest level of professionalism and without any complications.
  2. We will solve your hair loss problem in one procedure. We are able to transplant up to 5,000 or more grafts during one hair transplant surgery, which can dramatically restore your hair in one surgical session (we have performed a successful hair transplant of a record number of grafts – 9,688).
  3. We guarantee the results. We sign a contract with you and take whole responsibility for the results.
  4. Painlessness. Our unique anesthetic technique makes the whole process absolutely painless and leaves no swelling. Special surgical instruments and methods used cause minimal trauma during the surgery and you can return to your usual life on the third day after your hair transplant.
  5. Reasonable price. And, the last, but not least – the cost of a hair transplant procedure in Talizi is much lower than in other clinics. The price for each transplanted follicular unit in Talizi is from $1.5, while in other clinics which use similar techniques the cost per graft can be from $2 to $10.

Patients who received a hair transplant in the past often come to Talizi to correct and improve the results of their previous surgery.

Medical tour to Talizi

If you decided to restore your hair in our center, we will arrange your medical tour in Tbilisi, Georgia, provide you with hotel appartments and accompany you throughout your visit.

Whole medical tour may take 3 days:

  • The surgery will be performed on the first day.
  • In the morning of the second day, the bandage from the surgery will be removed and in the afternoon you will be taken on a trip around Tbilisi and Mtskheta.
  • In the morning of the third day we will help you to carry out the head-washing procedure and you will be able to return home.

If necessary, the head-washing procedure can be performed in the evening of the second day, so you can leave Tbilisi earlier. Thus, whole tour can take only 2 days.

A flight to Tbilisi, Georgia and a hair transplant surgery in Talizi will cost less than the same hair transplant in your country or any other country.

Contact us, and we will arrange everything for you!

Fill-in our free hair loss consultation and we will help you to solve your baldness problem.

Patient 27 — 28 years old, IIIa stage of baldness

Photo: Before and after transplant of 3,000 grafts using the Strip method
Before and after transplant of 3,000 grafts using the Strip method


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