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Body Hair Transplant

In some cases, the donor stock is extremely limited. Such situations are often observed in levels V-VII of baldness. We offer patients with high levels of hair loss the option of using a combination of techniques, enabling the extraction of greater quantities of grafts.

The price for Body Hair Transplant is $2.5 per graft. No more hidden surgical expenses.

Body hair transplant is conducted using the FUE method and doesn't leave any visible scars in the donor zones: beard, pubic area, chest, feet, and hands. Today, we can easily extract more than 2,000 grafts from these zones and, under favorable conditions, two times more!

To extract the maximum possible number of grafts, we can take hairs from both the body and from the head.

Donor hairs from the body (with the exception of beard hair) do not grow particularly long. However, they can be used for a forward line of hair, creating a smooth hairline and a more natural effect. Such hairs are also used to thicken out hair on the top of the head, where length isn't as important as the quantity of grafts. So, grafts taken from the body are used to complement other grafts, in order to give a more realistic look.

Although hairs from the body are not of the highest quality, and while these hairs give a weaker visual effect compared with the same quantity of grafts taken from the back of the head, for many patients with high levels of baldness, the use of body hair grafts is an essential tool in correcting their condition.



I did one procedure in Turkey but I'm not satisfied can I do body hair transplant? And can you send me how much it's going to cost me? Thank you in advance.

Prof. Akaki Tsilosani: Body hair transplant is used when hair donor areas are not sufficient. I need to see your situation. Please fill in our hair transplant consultation.


Are there any age restrictions for hair transplant? I am almost 67, now is the moment that I can afford my self medical tour to Talizi. I hope this idea is not meaningless! My donor zone is extremely pure, that is why I hope body hairs may help my situation! Looking for your advices Talizi!

Prof. Akaki Tsilosani: I am glad you contacted us. We can do a hair transplant for you. Please send us several photos and I will give you my recommendations and details about the hair transplant process in your case.


hi talizi. I want to make body hair transplant, what should I do next? how I can contact you?

Administrator: Please, send us several photos of your head (front, top, back) and we will guide you through the whole process of your hair restoration.


How should we contact you?