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Restoration of Eyebrows Using Hair Transplantation

If you want to restore your eyebrows, increase their density, or change their shape and size, we can transplant hairs into the eyebrow area.

The surgeon can obtain hair grafts from several zones in several manners:

  • Using the FUE method, from the head.
  • Using the FUE method, from the body (chest, shoulders, back, legs).
  • Using the Strip method, from the back of the head.

Hairs obtained from the head grow constantly. Therefore, you will need to cut your transplanted eyebrows periodically.

Hairs obtained from other zones usually grow to only a certain length, and you may not need to cut them.




During the accident in chemical laboratory I lost my left eyebrow. The right one is ok, but every morning I have to draw my left brow, I am tired of doing it. I think I would like to transplant hairs in my left eyebrow and add a little amount of hairs in to my right one to make them look perfectly together. How much it will cost for me? Taking in to account that I have hairs in my right eyebrow. Also I wonder, what hairs will you use to transplant in to eyebrows, hairs on my head is blonde and eyebrows are much darker! Thanks

Prof. Akaki Tsilosani: We can use hairs from any part of your body. We can choose the darkest hair available. Usually, eyebrow transplantation requires several hundreds of hairs. The price starts from $1500. Send us the dates when you plan your procedure and we will book everything for you.


Hello! I'm interested in hair transplantation in eyebrows, as my eyebrows are extremely thin. I always dreamed of the possibility to restore it after the course of chemotherapy. What method of hair transplant will be good in my case? How many grafts can you transplant?

Prof. Akaki Tsilosani: We can transplant eyebrows using both the FUE or the Strip methods. But the FUE method is preferred, as it allows to harvest grafts from any hairy part of the body and leaves no scars. Usually we transplant 100–200 grafts to each eyebrow. The price of the procedure varies from $1500 to $3000 depending on several factors. You can send us a photo of your eyebrows with painted desired result on it and we will give you exact information on quantity and the price.


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