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Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Transplantation

How much does hair transplantation cost?

In Talizi, we offer record-breaking low prices on hair transplant surgeries. The price of one graft is .5 for the Strip method.


Can you guarantee the results of hair transplantation?

It would be better to divide this question into two parts:

Will hairs really grow out of transplanted follicles?

Actually, survivability of transplanted hairs depends on many factors. If the hair transplant surgery is carried out by a qualified team, with the use of modern methods, hairs grow out of almost all transplanted follicles. Our own investigation testifies that, even in adverse conditions – such as when hair transplantation was conducted in burn scar areas or in grafts extremely close to each other – follicular survivability was about 100%.

How long will transplanted hairs stay on my head, and will they fall out afterward?

In regard to hairs already grown out of transplanted follicles, they are virtually everlasting. After many years, transplanted hairs may become gray, but they will never fall out, and this is also the case for eyebrows and mustaches. If you pull out a transplanted hair, a new one will grow out after 3–4 months.


Why is hair transplant in Talizi so cheap?

Hair transplant surgery is one of the most expensive plastic surgeries. In the leading centers worldwide, the transplant of one follicular unit costs up to 5 Euros. That is why it is natural for the patient to wonder why hair transplant in Talizi is so cheap, and even to be afraid of a such low cost, as it can indicate low quality.

See our photo gallery of results, and make your own conclusions.

We make use of the newest instruments and methods of hair transplantation. Since the foundation of Talizi in 1998, the primary target of our practical and scientific work has been to make hair transplant surgery as comfortable and accessible for our patients as possible.

Talizi Hair Transplant Center has never employed expensive advertising campaigns. The best advertisement is our practical results. Our goal is to restore hair for more people. With that said, we understand that even our low prices are inaccessible for many.


How many follicular units will I need? Is my donor zones' content sufficient to cover bald areas and to leave the necessary quantity of hairs in donor areas of the head?

Even in cases of extreme androgenic alopecia (VII degree), there remain 8–12 thousand follicular units on the back of the head, and it is possible to extract at least 6,000 for a hair transplant. This quantity of follicular units is enough to cover any balding area.

The exact number of follicular units you will need for achievement of the desired cosmetic result will be defined in the process of face-to-face or free online consultation, which is free and anonymous in our center.

Also, you can see a rough scheme of the required amount of grafts to be transplanted in different cases of hair loss.

The cosmetic result depends not only on the quantity of transplanted hairs, but on the structure, diameter, waviness, etc.

Please, send us several photos of your head by filling in our free online consultation, and our doctors will inform you with a more exact report on the required scale of hair transplant surgery.


How painful is the hair transplant procedure?

Using our unique local anesthesia, the whole process of the hair transplant is totally painless. Furthermore, both the process of administration of local anesthetic solution and the post-surgical period are virtually painless.


What complications and adverse reactions might hair transplant surgery cause?

Generally, it is very rare. These surgeries are carried out under a local anesthesia, and narcosis in hair transplant is not applied. Our unique anesthetic solution doesn't cause any allergic or anaphylactic reactions. Sophisticated techniques exclude development of scars and infectious complications. There aren't any reports of adverse effects in the post-surgical period.


Is any special preparation (e.g., haircut) required before the hair transplant?

There are not any limiting conditions for hair transplant in terms of hair length. This means that the patient doesn't need to prepare his hair for the surgery in any way. In the course of transplantation, hairs remain intact, and the doctor cuts only hair follicles which will be transplanted.

Hairs from transplanted follicles grow in the same manner that the others do, about one centimeter per month.

Are there any age restrictions?

In young patients (17–25) in the course of hair transplant surgery, it is necessary to determine the edges of future baldness and to take this data into account when choosing the methods of the first surgical intervention.

Generally, there are not any age restrictions for hair transplant surgeries. We have performed hair transplant surgery on a five year-old child, as well as on a 75 year-old man.


Are there any contra-indications to hair transplant surgeries?

As the technique of our local anesthesia completely excludes the probability of allergic reactions, it is possible to say with confidence that the hair transplant has absolutely no contra-indications. Some surgeons consider, as a relative contra-indication, diabetes; however, we have successfully conducted many hair transplant surgeries on patients of different ages with diabetes.


Is any treatment in the post-surgical period or special care of the transplanted hair required?

One of the main advantages of the hair transplant is that the hairs which have grown after transplant don't need special care; you can wash your hair with any shampoo, color it, cut, wear a cap or not, etc.


Can hair transplantation be done on women?

The hair transplant can be done on women and gives good results. Furthermore, the hair transplant is recommended to men and women in the case of closed post-traumatic or post-burn scars.


What is the rehabilitation period after hair transplant surgery? After how many days it is possible to start working?

Due to our original techniques of hair transplant, the post-surgical period passes for our patients especially easily. Patients can start working on the second day. On the third day, patients can wash their hair. Within a week after surgery, heavy physical activities are allowed.




Why have i lost more hair due to shock loss after my hair transplant? when will my hair start to grow? i am in my two months post surgery? thank you

Prof. Akaki Tsilosani: Hi. After hair transplant surgery, transplanted hairs fall out (between 1 week and 2 months) and start to regrow (after 2-3 months). Sometimes, after a hair transplant, patient may experience hair loss of hairs, which were in place (not transplanted ones). This is called Shock Hair Loss. Hairs always regrow after shock hair loss. So, you don't need to worry. Just wait. Organism needs some time to continue producing hair.

Stewart Parr

Hello, I am from England and would therefore be travelling abroad to have surgery. How long is your waiting list and what is the earliest available date you have free?

Administrator: Best is to book your hair transplant surgery 2 months before. If you need to do a hair transplant sooner, you can contact us and we will send you information.


Hi and good day,i have some times fwe frictions in my sclap make it ridden,doctor say this alergy against light,now i noticed that when i reduce the amount of sugar i usualy take,the friction reduced,is this obstacles to the making hair transplantation?with my best regard.

Administrator: Usually sugar diabetes is not a contraindication for Hair Transplantation. We consider that the problems that you mentioned will not cause any trouble for performing transplantation.

If you are interested in our consultation please fill in the questionnaire on our website and attach some photos of your bald area and donor zone. We will give you all the recommendations for your case.


Hi I am interested in knowing more abt this hair transplant,i am from london.....i think i may fall in the second category as u mentioned ,do u have any other centres nearby..pls advise me

Administrator: In order to give you advice you asked us for we really need you to fill in the questionnaire on our website and please attach some photos as well.

After we have all the needed information we will be glad to give you online consultation.


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