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Hair Growth after Hair Transplant Surgery

The final result of the hair transplant will only be evident between 9 and 16 months after surgery, depending on the individual.

See below for pictures of some of our patients over a period of time following surgery.

Patient with Level VII Hair Loss

Before transplant

Four months after transplant

Nine months after transplant


Patient with Level IV Hair Loss

Before transplant

Four months after the implantation of 2,500 grafts

Eight months after the hair transplant

Patient with Level VI Hair Loss

First hair transplant

Before transplant

Two months after the implantation of 4,600 grafts

Three months after transplant

Four months after transplant

Five months after transplant

Six months after transplant

Nine month after transplant, the patient returned to Georgia to undergo a second procedure, in which 3600 grafts were transplanted.

Second hair transplant

One year after second transplant:

Third hair transplant

Photo of the patient on the day following his third hair transplant, in which additional 2000 grafts were transplanted using the strip method, and 500 using the FUE method:




Just great results, guys! I would like to make a hair transplant in Talizi also, but I live in Canada and I just don't know where to start and how can I get in your clinic. I think I need a consultation also...

MD Mari Gugava: Thanks. We regularly transplant hair to foreign patients, from Canada also. We have planned a Medical Tour which will help you to restore your hair.


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