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What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is the process of redistributing healthy hairs from the back of the head to areas suffering from hair loss.

Hair transplantation is a unique hair restoration technology, and the only technology available today capable of successfully combating androgenic hair loss.

Облысевшая голова

In cases of androgenic hair loss, certain parts of the head have no remaining normal follicles capable of producing healthy hairs. At the same time, in the occipital and temporal areas of head, there is almost always a large number of follicles that remain resistant to hair loss factors.



Фолликулярное объединение

Follicular unit is a hair structure containing 1-4 hair bulbs, each of which is able to produce hair. In some clinics they divide grafts, which can lead to graft damage or bad survival rate of hairs. We transplant hairs only in the form of multi-hair grafts.


Hairs in the donor zones are generally always healthy and retain normal characteristics throughout a person’s life. Most persons suffering hair loss keep hair in the occipital and lateral regions of head.

The availability of healthy hair in these areas enables surgeons to perform hair transplant surgery using the patient’s own hair; this is a process called auto transplantation, in which follicles are moved from follicle-rich areas to areas with less follicular density.

Hair transplantation provides the most natural-looking results possible, as all of the hair used is the patient’s own. This method eliminates the risk of rejection during surgery and is currently recognized as the “gold standard” for hair transplantation.

However, the transplantation of follicular units requires a great amount of skill and state of the art equipment in order to effectively collect, process, and transplant the follicles. Typically, the process requires advanced stereo-microscopes, as well as the participation of 6–12 qualified assistants, and often, this can be a very expensive and labor-intensive process.

Hairs on palm

Transplanted hairs will grow throughout your life and will not fall out. Moreover, transplanted hairs grow from any part of the skin, even from the palm (although this is not where we would want to transplant them).

Other processes, including the pharmaceutical treatment of hair loss, are inefficient, costly, and temporary, as they are only able to slow down the hair loss.

Other alternatives include the transplant of synthetic hairs made from microfibers. However, this process is limited due to the large number of problems experienced by patients. Synthetic hairs do not grow, and many patients experience painful itching, hardening of the synthetic hair, scarring and other complications, and eventually, the transplanted synthetic hairs fall out.

Therefore, we do not use artificial hairs in our transplants, and rather use only auto-transplantation techniques for long lasting, healthy, and complication-free results.

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Mohammad nasiri

Hi i did first hair transplant in turkey three year ago but i am not happy from result so i want go for second time hair transplant surgery so how much will cost.

Administrator: Please fill in the consultation.


I am only 21 years old but I’m already bald and losing my hair every day. Can I have a hair transplant done in your clinic?

MD Mari Gugava: Yes, of course. Unfortunately, in recent years hair loss is observed in more young patients. We regularly transplant hair to very young patients. Please send us several photos of your head (front, top, back) and we will give you our recommendations about your hair restoration.


Hello, Talizi! I have a 6-7 degree of hair loss as far as I can guess based upon the table of baldness presented here, and also very poor donor zone. I wonder if you can make a hair transplant using hairs from another person.

Prof. Akaki Tsilosani: We do not transplant hair from another person. In cases, where the donor zone on the head is poor, we use hairs from body donor zones: beard, chest, pubic, back, etc. Body hair transplant gives very good results. Send us your photos and we will tell you details.


hello. I suffer from hair loss on the hair line and i have a few hair,would want to know more about the transplant and the costs.

Administrator: Please fill in our hair transplant questionnaire and we will give you our recomendations.


I'm 24 years but my head has started balding. I also need to carry out hair transplant and also can it be possible to shoted my forehead by planting on more hair as I want it to be?? I'm an African.

Prof. Akaki Tsilosani: Hi. We have many young patients and successfully help them. We can transplant hair in your case and, also, we can lower your hairline as you wish. First, we need to see your situation. Please send us several photos of your head (front, top, back).

We have big experience in African patients, also. But, unfortunately, you will be limited to the FUE method only, because the Strip method can leave a wide scar on the back of your head. The FUE method will leave no scars in your case.


Hello, I'm a 32 year old belgian male with level 4-5 hairloss so i'm definitely not bald yet. I started using minoxidil yesterday but always have headaches the first half hour after and feel a burning sensation the whole day, so I was thinking hair transplant. One question though before I send you some pictures: After the transplant, won't the "old" hair inbetween the new ones continue to fall out, meaning a second future surgury is necessary to fill the new gaps? Will the hair that is transplanted fall out aswell due to aging or is it age free hair? Kind regards

Prof. Akaki Tsilosani: Your old hair may continue to fall out. We can check your hair situation here in our clinic with folliscope to get exact picture of your hair loss progress. You can slow down the process with Finasteride.

Transplanted hair will behave exactly as your hair on the back of your head. Even at worst stages of baldness hair remains there. So, transplanted hair acts the same. Only rare situations can cause falling of transplanted hairs, for example, cancer treatment.

michael titus

can hair be taken from other part of the body in case of less denser donor?

Administrator: Sure, we perform Body Hair Transplantation in our clinic. As you correctly mentioned, body hair are necessary to use when donor hair are not enough, so it would be better to take a look at your photos, to recommend the best way of hair transplantation in your case.

ernest tapie

I would like to recover my hair i m losing daily

Administrator: In order to give you recommendations concerning your case please send us the photos of your bald and donor zones. We will answer you as soon as possible.


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