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Hair Transplant in Talizi at Level III Hair Loss


Front view:




hi i am very interested in getting a hair tansplant. But i am not as bold as seen in the pictures abouve i would like to show u some of mine and let me no who manld need much thanksy i ou

Administrator: If you are interested in our consultation please fill in the questionnaire on our website and attach some photos of your bald area and donor zone. We will give you all the recommendations for your case.


I would like a price for transplant i need only 1.000 grafts at most on front hairline . please send price for both strip and fue thank you

Administrator: The price for hair transplant using strip method is $1.5 per graft. FUE cost is $3.3 per graft. So, multiply by 1000 and you will get $1500 and $3300. Please fill in our consultation and we will recomend you the best solution.


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