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Transplant of Long Hair

The primary objective of these surgeries is immediate results.

This will be a temporary result, however, as the transplanted hairs will fall out within the first month after the surgery, and then, 2–3 months later, will start to grow again.

The emotional response of patients being able to see the immediate effect is a powerful stimulus for a surgery of this kind, giving the chance to enhance the result. However, the immediate result is not the only advantage of long-hair transplant. Transplantation of long hair gives the surgeon, as well as the patient, more opportunities:

  • Immediate confirmation of a natural look of the transplanted hair, both for the doctor, and for the patient.
  • The post-surgical period is unnoticeable, in comparison to standard hair transplant surgeries.
  • More exact determination of the final growth of the transplanted hair.
  • More exact information exchange between doctors and patients concerning their expectations and actual results.
  • More precise determination of the ideal density of the transplanted hair in each individual.
  • Increased capability of the patient to take part in the hair transplant process.
  • A more profound understanding by the patient of the nature of poor hair growth situations.
  • Interactive definition of the ideal hair density.

Access to advanced technology is required to perform the transplant of long hair, and only highly-skilled specialists can conduct these surgeries. The length of the transplanted hair can be 2 cm or more.

Results of Long Hair Transplant in Talizi




Hi I would like to make long hair transplantation, can you tell me in details, how the process of healing will look like? For example I cant imagine for myself how I should wash my head with transplanted long hairs during first days and weeks after hair transplant procedure, the risk to pull out the transplanted hairs will be great in my opinion. Assuage my doubts!

MD Mari Gugava: Hi. We have done hundreds of long hair transplants already and the process is very efficient now. We will show and explain everything for you after your long hair transplant procedure. We will wash your head the first time and you will see how to do it in the future without any risk.


Hi, I’m Jessika, 34 years old. I started to loose hairs approximately 2.5 years ago, I tried many remedies but the situation only gets worse. Few months ago I started to consider a possibility of a hair transplant, but I’m woman and necessity of head shaving scares me. I would like to know more about the process of long hair transplant. Thank you!

Prof. Akaki Tsilosani: You came to the right place. Long Hair Transplant allows restoration of your hair without shaving donor or recipient areas. Also you get the final result immediately following the procedure, same day. Send us several photos and we will help you.

aatish chand maharaj

hey im aatish , i live in canada , im 33 years old and have been loosing my hair since i was 28 years,,, i wanna get my hair back,,, need more information,, what is my next step

Administrator: Please, fill in our hair loss questionnaire and send us some photos of your head, and we will give you recommendations concerning hair transplant in your case.

ivan kalendrov

Is it expensive transplant of long hair?Is it possible mini session 500-1000 grafts FUE?

Administrator: The price for the long hair transplant method is same as for the FUE method. Read more about prices on hair transplant surgery


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