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Hair Transplant Pricing

The price for a hair transplant procedure in Talizi is as follows:

Graft is a group of hair roots, which can produce from 1 to 5 hairs:

  • In case of the Strip hair transplant grafts contain approx. 2.3 hairs.
  • FUE hair grafts contain approx. 2.8 hairs.
  • Long hair grafts contain 2.2 hair.
  • Body hair grafts are usually single, but sometimes contain more hairs.

No more hidden surgical expenses!

We can transplant up to 5000 grafts per surgery, though our surgeons have performed procedures involving more than 6000 grafts.

To estimate the amount of grafts you may require to restore your hair, see “How Many Grafts Will I Require?” For more detailed and accurate information, please send us your photos, and take part in our free online hair transplant consultation.





Hello Talizi It is obvious that I need a hair transplant, but my finances are limited, so I want you help me in counting how many grafts I need to transplant and how much it will cost for me, also I have another question concerning hair transplant process and post-surgical period! Looking forward your answer!

Administrator: Dear Nicolas. We have big discounts now. It is the right time now to do your hair transplant procedure, you will save a lot of money. Please see the FUE hair transplant process and the Strip hair transplant process. Also see FUE post-surgical and Strip post-surgical periods.


I need 6000 grafts for FUE and the price is expensive for me so is there any discount for that?

Administrator: We have huge discounts now. Please fill in our hair transplant application and we will send you all information.


Good Day, My name is Jasim from Dubai, UAE. I'm 36 years old and interested to do hair transplantation at your clinic. I had 1 session of hair transplantation in Dubai 10 years back using the old method and with unsatisfactory results. I have read about Body Hair Transplantation and because my donor area is not large, I would like to go for this treatment. I have the following enquiries: 1. I have good body hair bank. Does it make me a good candidate for this type of treatment? or you have to do a small test? 2. How many hair grafts you can move in each session? 3. Is this treatment effective compared with conventional hair transplantation technique? 4. Is there difference in pricing compared with conventional hair transplantation technique? and what does it cost per session? 5. I wear hat all the time. If I go for this surgery, can I cover my head with hat after the surgery? Your feedback is appreciated. Regards, Jasim

Administrator: Here are the answers to your questions:

1. First of all please send us the photos of your bald and donor (the ones you are planning to use) areas. The best donor hair surely grow on the back of head. After that come beard, chest and pubic area.

2. We can transplant 3000 and more BHT grafts in one session.

3. BHT is effective and gives quite good cosmetic effect.

4. See the prices above on this page.

5. Our patients usually start wearing hat on the second day after the surgery, so you will not have any problems with it.

Please send us the photos of your head so that we can give you all the needed information for your individual case and give recommendations about graft amount.


hi sir i need hai surgeri for my head i m living in spain barcelona you have nay office in barcelona and tell me who meany rupes u ill cast for all this surgeri thx full to u will b a wating your bk msg bye

Administrator: Please, fill in the questionnaire on our web site, attach some informative photos of your problem zone, and we will answer you as soon as possible and give full information about the hair transplantation in your case and about the medical tour to our center.

md sayedul houe

my level is 7..if i want put graft about 7800 then how much will be cost in fue method ? i am student so i cant give u o much money..

Administrator: If you are interested in our online consultation please fill in hair loss questionnaire on our website and attach some photos.

We will inspect your case and give you some recommendations about amount of grafts you need to have transplanted.

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