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Why Transplant Hair in Talizi?

All of our male surgeons have had problems with hair loss at some point in their lives, and each of them has undergone hair transplantation surgery.

The director of the clinic, MD A. Tsilosani, suffered from Level VI alopecia, and the lead surgeon, MD V. Vadachkoria, suffered from level III baldness, by the Norwood scale. It is worth noting that, before joining the clinic, both were general surgeons and became interested in hair transplantation as patients.

We understand the excitement that our patients experience, not only before their first consultation, but also following the surgery. For this reason, our clinic distinguishes itself through the degree of warmth and empathy shown toward our patients.


Since the clinic founded in 1998, we have performed thousands of successful surgeries. Due to our years of experience, surgeries in our clinic are carried out quickly, with the highest level of professionalism, and without any complications.


We are able to transplant up to 5,000 – or even more – grafts during one hair transplant surgery. A surgery of this scale not only has the potential to restore a patient’s hair, but also significantly reduces the risk of scarring, loss of the donor stock, and trauma to previously replaced grafts in subsequent surgeries.


We sign a contract with the patient and take full responsibility for the results of the surgery. We accompany foreign visitors from the airport and throughout their whole stay in Tbilisi.


Hair transplantation in our clinic is performed entirely in the form of follicular units, a process recognized worldwide as the “gold standard” of hair transplantation. This method produces excellent cosmetic results! Use of stereo-microscopes, as well as assistants with a wide range of experience, prevents the loss of follicles during transplantation and provides more hair than the use of other methods.


Our clinic is equipped with advanced equipment and experienced personnel. We apply our own highly effective and innovative approaches at each stage of the surgery.


All of the stages of surgery are planned in such a way that they are performed practically simultaneously. While the surgeon stitches the donor zone, our assistants process the grafts; and while the grafts are processed, the surgeon makes recipient sites. Finally, the assistants transplant the grafts. This coordination makes it possible to reduce the surgery time by up to 2–5 hours; and, as a result, the surgery is not tiring for either patients or personnel.


Because of the original techniques used by our clinic, the hair transplant is performed with virtually no blood loss and no pain; therefore, the few hours that our patient spends in Talizi pass as comfortably as possible.


Our unique anesthetic technique practically eliminates the probability of complications during the procedure. We have never had a patient to experience allergic or anaphylactic reactions. The methodology used to obtain grafts and reconstruct the donor area prevents infection or excessive scarring.


The post-operative period is especially comfortable for our patients. With no pain and no facial swelling, patients return to their everyday lives and professional activities the day after the procedure.


The quantity of micro-apertures is counted by an automatic system, which gives the patient the information about the exact quantity of the transplanted grafts.


Our equipment is of the highest, safest, and most accurate standards. The depth of recipient sites created by our tools is limited to a maximum of 4 mm. Furthermore, the tools do not leave traces in the form of “dimples.”

Additionally, the recipient sites are created at an optimum shape and size to receive the grafts, ensuring a fast (36–48 hours) regenerative process. Limiting the depth of the micro-apertures protects the recipient area from excessive trauma and subsequent scarring.

The size and accuracy of the tools allows recipient sites to be created at a very close distance to each other, without the risk of damaging the existing follicles, and enables a high density of transplanted hair (up to 100 or more hairs in 1 cm²).


The grafts are processed by a specially trained team of 6–12 assistants. Our team is significantly larger than in similar clinics, thus enabling the graft processing time to be reduced to 1–2 hours, and making it possible to prepare up to 6,000 grafts.


And, last but not least, the cost of a hair transplantation procedure in Talizi is much lower than in other clinics (see “Price Structure”).

The price of the transplantation of one follicular unit in Talizi is $1.50, while in all other clinics that use similar techniques, the cost per graft can be as high as $4.00, or even $7.00.


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