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Medical Tour of Talizi

If you suffer from hair loss and decide to come to Talizi to resolve the problem using hair transplantation, we will be glad to arrange for your accommodation and accompany you throughout your visit to our medical tour program.

Here is the plan of our medical tour:


First, contact us by phone or e-mail, or fill out our free consultation form; send your photos and receive a preliminary consultation.


On the basis of our conversations with you, and on the basis of your photos, the surgeon will make recommendations concerning the resolution of your hair loss problem.


After reading the information on our website and speaking to our experts, you will be able to make an informed decision on hair restoration by transplantation. We then reserve a date for your surgery.


Then, book a flight to Tbilisi, Georgia. More detailed information on the terms of your stay in Tbilisi will be provided by our team after the date and the scale of the surgery are set.


A representative of the clinic will meet you at the airport and will take you to the hotel. In the case of a large-scale surgery, the clinic will gladly cover the cost of your hotel accommodation. For more details, see our “Price Structure” section.


Preparation for your hair transplant: Your first visit to the clinic will enable you to get acquainted with the medical personnel, hold a preliminary consultation with one of our surgeons, and undergo a number of simple, non-invasive tests.


Day of the surgery: Once the necessary forms are completed and the contract signed, the hair transplant procedure begins. It can last for several hours, depending of the scale and the hair transplant method. You can watch TV, listen to the music, read, and so on during the surgery.


The recovery period, which can take several days, can include a range of sightseeing and entertainment, guided by Talizi staff.


A member of staff will accompany you to the airport for your return flight home.


We will periodically contact you to monitor the growth process of your transplanted hair.



Lusiya Mex

Good morning! I plan to come and make hair transplant in your clinic, the description of the medical tour you provide is just awesome! And my question is, can I take my brother with me?

Administrator: Yes. Our patients come even with their families sometimes.

Crazy traveller

Hello guys! Always wanted to visit your country! Since 2012 I suffer from hair loss, but don't know exactly the stage of baldness. I looked through you web site, especially I was interested in results, everything looks just great. I plan my medical tour to Talizi in August, and I wonder if you could help me to prolong it, to advice what places should I visit and where to accommodate after my 3 days medical tour will be finished?

Administrator: We will help you to prolong your vacation and to organize some interesting tours.


hi my name is Kemal i search hair transplant center and your clinic Talizi is great can you help me? i want hair transplantation soon what i must do

Administrator: Send us several photos of your head (front, top, back) and we will give you the necessary information.


hi I want to make a hair transplant in Talizi also want to know if I can spend my vacation in Georgia, would it be comfortable for me after hair transplant surgery?

Administrator: Yes. On the next day after the surgery you will have no visible signs and can travel through our beautiful country. We can arrange some excursions and tours also.


Hellow, I am from tanzania,i would like to have some instruction regarding the transplant procedure because i am near there.So please direct and guide me through so that i may know how to reach you there.

Administrator: Hi. First, we need to see your hair loss situation. Please send us several photos of your head (front, top, back). We will give you our recommendations about your hair restoration then.

After, you can choose the dates and book air tickets. We will organize all your stay in Tbilisi, will meet you at airport, transport you, will book a hotel apartment and everything else.


How should we contact you?