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About the Talizi Hair Transplant Center

The Talizi hair transplant center was founded in Tbilisi in 1998. Vaja Vadachkoria, Mari Gugava and Eka Kandiashvili are the leading surgeons of the center. Skilled nurses and technicians work alongside them.

From the very beginning, we have applied the leading American hair transplantation technology – the transplant of follicular associations.

Our center is equipped with advanced technology, and the personnel have extensive experience. We use our own innovative and effective methods at each stage of the surgery.

In our center, we have developed special compression methods, which significantly reduce blood loss and surgery duration; thus, hair transplant surgery has become even more convenient for our patients.

All of these techniques, plus the professionalism and coordination of our team, have given the center the opportunity to carry out a great number of hair transplant surgeries in a short time. In the majority of the centers worldwide, the maximum quantity of transplanted grafts does not usually exceed 1,500–2,500 grafts in one session, which gives to patient 3 to 6 thousand hairs. Our hair transplant center is a rare institution, where more than 2–3 thousand grafts are transplanted in one session. Today, our skilled surgical teams can transplant 3,000–6,000 follicular units (7,000–14,000 hairs), or even more, during a 4–7 hour procedure.

Taizi surgeons

Vaja Vadachkoria

Head of the clinic

Mari Gugava

Eka Kandiashvili

Salome Vadachkoria

Head of the training program

Eliso Mshvenieradze

Some Facts

Since 2002, our center has utilized a unique local anesthetic solution developed by A. Tsilosani with a special technique that has made the process of hair transplant absolutely painless. Moreover, the injection of this solution is almost painless, as is all the post-surgical period, since the anesthesia lasts over eight hours.

The anesthetic solution is harmless and is not toxic for patients of any age, has no side effects, and does not cause anaphylactic or allergic reactions. Most importantly, the application of this new anesthetic technique has completely halted post-surgical facial swellings, which was very disturbing for many patients.

The absence of post-surgical blood circulation issues helps to speed up the rehabilitation of our patients after hair transplant and also favors the fast healing of recipient parties, because of micro-circulation improvement. For example, our patients can wash their heads 24–36 hours after the surgery.

In 2003, under the direction of A. Tsilosani, we created an electronic system to calculate the number of micro-apertures made, which automatically (without the participation of the surgeon or assistant) counts the quantity of the micro-apertures created, and the information is displayed on the monitor for both surgeon and patient.

By 2004, taking into account the results of long-term practice and extensive scientific research conducted under the direction of A. Tsilosani, our clinic had discovered the ideal plasticity of the donor party and the maximum density of transplanted hair, which has stopped the phenomena of compression. The introduction of these concepts into our practice has led to the following:

  • After extracting material from the donor zone, suturing is carried out in such a way as to make scars almost invisible. Thus, the intervention (including large scale transplants of 3,000 or more grafts) in the donor area does not leave a trace. This means that the places where hair was taken from are imperceptible, even to hairdressers.
  • Today, our clinic is technologically capable of reaching an almost natural density of hair in small recipient areas. On an area of one square centimeter, we can transplant up to 64 grafts, giving 100–150 hairs. Such density of hair transplantation is considered the ideal.

The Follicular Unit Extraction method (FUE) has allowed us to carry out surgeries of small scale (about 1,000 grafts) without cuts and sutures. By means of this method, we manage to effectively restore eyelashes and eyebrows after trauma and burns, and also are able to use hair transplanted from other areas of body, in the case of very poor donor stocks on the head.

Our doctors participate in all major conferences for hair transplantologists, always with presentations and reports.

We are licensed by the Ministry of Health for post-graduation education of doctors. We regularly train and prepare hair transplant surgeons, including doctors from other countries.




Is Talizi responsible for long term hair transplant result?

Administrator: Yes. Before the hair transplant procedure we sign a contract where the responsibility of the clinic is mentioned. Our main priorities are good results and happy patients. We always resolve all issues, if there are any.


Looks very presentable! If I will decide on a hair transplant, how can I contact professor Akaki to get individual advices?

Prof. Akaki Tsilosani: You can contact Talizi with all possible methods: consultation, comment, email, messengers etc. I personally review all cases and give my recommendations to all our patients.

brad bauy

where are you located?

Administrator: We are located in Tbilisi, Georgia.


how much you are charging per graft in FUE method.

Administrator: 1 FUE graft in our clinic costs Discount (we also have bonus for patients who transplant 2000 and more FUE grafts).


can i see more picture?

Administrator: You can see all the pictures in the Gallery on our website! If you are interested in our online consultation please fill in the questionnaire on our website and attach some photos.

Steve Croxton

I am interested in a hair transplant but could you please confirm were you are, I am in the UK.
Kind regards
Steve Croxton

Administrator: We are located in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. Please, read our information on how to get hair transplant in Talizi if you live in UK.


I am thinking for hair restoration in this clinic but i am not sure its the proper age for such surgery i am 24 y old.?

Administrator: Hair transplant can be done to patients of any age. Please, fill in our hair loss consultation, attach some photos of your head and we will give you all necessary information.

kapil paliwal

kindly send me your clinic address

Administrator:We are located in Tbilisi, Georgia, but we have many branches and other opportunities to help you with your hair loss. Please fill in our consultation and we will recommend you the best solution.


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