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We are 20 years old! Celebrate with us!

We are 20 years old! For a professional medical institution, this may not seem significant, but it’s reputed that, in hair transplant, we are standing from the very beginning. We came through all stages of formation, studied and taught, improved, developed, and built. And now, we are 20 years old!

Several thousands of people have passed through our clinic during these years – men, women, children, and adults; guests from nearby Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Ukraine, and as far away as Norway, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, Korea, and other countries.

Some of our guests have heard a lot about our location, due to the popularity of the Georgian School of Plastic Surgery, while others heard about our country for the first time after discovering information about our clinic.

Today, we could tell you how many thousands of patients have received a hair transplant in our clinic, or how many millions of grafts we have transplanted over the years; we could brag about how many surgeons we have trained, how many lectures we have given at international forums, or in how many languages the name of our clinic  has been sounded for all these years. But instead of all that, today, we have decided to present ourselves without white coats, without regalia and track records, but simply as people who help make you feel younger, more beautiful, and happier - people who, without inventing a time machine, can turn time back.

Collective of Talizi – The People You Trust

Akaki Tsilosani, surgeon

In recent years, I have made it a point to travel with my children; it doesn’t matter whether I go to the international conference, a workshop, or just have a holiday. My children are already adults. When they were younger, they asked me questions, but more often these days, I am the one looking for answers when talking with them.

When we had just started the clinic 20 years ago, goals of transplantology seemed far and inaccessible peaks, names from the textbooks – Rasman, Bernstein -but we forged ahead; we studied and moved forward all of these years, and today, very often, Talizi appears as the leader in many areas. We have become an example, and now it is we who teach others. But competition and victory are not goals in and of itself. The purpose and sense of our work and our achievements are our patients.

Vaja Vadachkoria, surgeon

It isn't rocket science. Clay is malleable and inconsistent. It seems to be flexible, but it resists and often dictates a form that it would like to have. It seems that you have just created a masterpiece, but one movement can make everything wrinkle into a shapeless lump. The main thing here is not to be afraid and to enjoy the process. However, it’s really not about clay.

Your work must give you a joy; this is very important. Certainly, it’s not a pleasure to stand 5–6 hours in a surgery room, but then you see that patient in half a year or so, and you see that changes in his hair, his dress, his demeanor, sometimes in his entire life, and this is what brings me the greatest satisfaction.

Mari Gugava, surgeon

“First man, then machine.” Speed and beauty are two things that leave no one untouched. What is most important, however, is freedom – freedom to be happy. And happiness, generally, is not what is given to you, but what you can give to others.

It is considered that women are more coquettish. Generally, I work with men, and I notice how important appearance is for them and how much they want to look younger and more attractive. Recently, machines began to be incorporated in the field of transplantology of hair. We in Talizi also wanted to get in on these innovations. However, it appeared that we worked much quicker, more precisely, and more accurately than the robots. So, the motto of my favorite Honda is right: “First man, then machine.”

Eka Kandiashvili, surgeon

One of my favorite activities is running early in the morning. Winter dawns are late; if there are no clouds, the huge red sun is slowly rolled out of the mountains. I run toward it, and it becomes closer and closer. As if the dawn depends on me, too – at least for the moment.

Before I started working in Talizi, I thought that all men were identical. But they now appear to be very different, and they aren't so indifferent and cold as one may think at first sight.

Eliso Mshvenieridze, surgeon

We often go abroad. We don’t have too much spare time, but I always try to visit a concert of national dances. An unforgettable impression remained after the Indian dances. I have danced since my childhood. I adore the Georgian dances!

The hair transplant usually lasts a few hours, and a patient always has an opportunity to communicate during the procedure; many are interested in the process – what is happening right now, what stage is following, how many grafts are already transplanted, etc. Others tell us about their lives, their cities, their countries. Unlike some other doctors, we can boast of such a quantity of stories (except psychologists, of course, although their stories are usually sad).

Rostom, chief technician and quality control

I like to work with old clocks. Sometimes, unique ones come across. Clocks can be 100 years old, but the mechanism works ideally; you just have just to clean it and shift the moved-down spring, and it will keep working for another 100 years. This is what quality means!

It’s already been 15 years that I have been responsible for the equipment and tools in the clinic. A lot of things have changed over the years. The most interesting things are experiments, and the creation and approbation of tools and techniques. Sometimes, the tiniest detail significantly facilitates the work of a surgeon, and as a result, everything else is affected.

Salome Vadachkoria, head of the specialists’ training

The career of model doesn't attract me. To always be the center of attention in the spotlights, without days off, I am afraid would be horrendously boring and tiresome. But to walk on a runway from time to time, getting sighs of admiration and compliments – it's absolutely another effect entirely.

It is pleasant to understand that you work in one of the best clinics of the world.  And this not only my opinion, or that of the patients who trust us; it is the belief of professionals of the highest class.  A pleasant bonus is that we have traveled throughout almost the entire world. Generally, we are always at work, but fortunately, there are always a couple of days to get acquainted with surprising and different cities, countries, cultures, and people.

Tamriko Skhiladze, principal chief nurse

From childhood, I have liked to bake sweets. The list of the tested recipes grows. There are some favorite ones that I always go back to. The process is always labor-intensive and time-consuming: it sometimes takes two days to make a pie; some things have to be kept cold; some things should be divided up into three stages. Here, there is no place for any deviation from the recipe. And here comes the most interesting moment – the decoration of a pie. In this stage, there are no rules, and this is the most interesting part. You come up to a table with cake layers, meringue, mousses, creams, fruit, nuts, and chocolate, and you have to create a masterpiece. Sometimes it works out, and other times it does not.

Similarly, it is difficult to define which stage of hair transplant is the most important. But after all, it seems to me that the finishing touch is the most important.

Maya Siordia, surgical assistant

My friends laugh at me; they say, “How can someone always be planting something – hair and flowers? In both cases, it is laborious work, tedious waiting, and then blossoming; it is so wonderful! And what else makes women feel more beautiful and happy, if not beautiful hair and wonderful flowers?

A follicle is such a tiny part of a human body but notice how complex and perfect it is! Surprisingly, modern medicine has achieved implant survival of practically any donor organ – a kidney, a liver, etc. - but the follicle can be only one’s own.

Tamuna Bregvadze, surgical assistant

Here is Bublik, a Labrador. He has a sizable weight and a lightweight name. He is a very easy-going young man, too, and is ready to play 24 hours a day. We are good friends. I hope he thinks so, too.

Recently, I read about the impact of words on living creatures. It appears that, not only a human being, an animal, and a plant can feel and distinguish a kind word from an angry one, but so also can each living cell. Everything can pass ideally – anesthesia, preparation, work of the surgeon, assistants, teams - but a couple of kind words never will be forgotten, will they?

Nino Khutsurauli, surgical assistant

You can shoot the most successful photos in two ways: entirely by accident (sometimes an offhand shot is fantastic, fine, surprising) or on the contrary, you may wait for weeks for that ray of sunlight appearing through a crack in a fence to get your perfect shot. In a real life, success requires a lot of work, and surely a little bit of luck.

My work makes me proud. And it is very important, maybe the most important thing I have ever done.




Very talented people! Congratulations and thanks for my hair transplant!

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