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Video Reports about Hair Transplant in Talizi

See below for videos showing the procedures undergone by our patients:

Video of FUE Hair Transplant Tour of Talizi

Foreign patients often come to Tbilisi, Georgia, to resolve their hair loss problems by hair transplant in the Talizi center. This video shows a story of a patient who wanted to see for himself, and to show to viewers, every stage of his hair transplant tour. Watch the video of hair transplant tour of Talizi.

Video of Hair Transplant Surgery by Combined Method (Strip + FUE), Made in Talizi Hair Transplant Center of a Patient from Moscow

Alexander, a rising star of the Russian pop scene, has arrived to Talizi Hair Transplant Center. It's the second experience of hair transplant for Alexander (first surgery was conducted in Russia). That's why this time he knew exactly what he needed and which choice to make. Alexander decided to come to the Talizi Hair Transplant Center during the Christmas holidays. This video shows all stages of hair transplant surgery done for Alexander.


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