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Video of FUE Hair Transplant Tour of Talizi



Faramarz Hamidi

Dear Dr. Akaki, I am a Canadian man with need for hair transplant and my search for a little more affordable fee has brought me to your web site. I was impressed by your professional website and quite explanatory videos. I hope you can contact me and give me an idea what kind of cost I will have to consider. I know by comparisons and long time research that I need something between 2000-3000 grafts. Let's say an average of 2500 grafts. Please tell me what is your fee and are you located in Odessa, Ukraine? or are you in Georgia? Best regards, Marz

Administrator: Dear Marz! Our price is one of the best in the World. It's $1.5 per graft for the FUT method and $3.3 per graft for the FUE method. You can count by yourself - 2500 x $1.5 = 3750. No more surgical costs! If you are able to fill in our consultation questionaire and attach several photos of your head's balding areas - it will be perfect for both of us. We will review your information and will suggest the best option for you. Thank you!


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